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Engage the full power of Quantum Communications

Do you ever wish you could just get on with what you do best? Not have enough time in the day to do your PR & Marketing effectively? Quantum Communications specialises in delivering real business-generating and awareness-raising marketing communications for companies and organisations that either don't have an in house marketing team or those who would like to outsource a particular job or project. We will build a team to deliver your brief. Quantum Communications will provide a return on any investment.

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Let us take your communications to another dimension

Quantum Communications offers highly effective Marketing; Public Relations; Media Relations; News; Events; TV, Film & Photography; Web Development; Social Media; Training and much more... Campaign Promotions specialises in promoting Charities, Campaigns, Social Enterprises, Sustainability Focused SMEs, Health & Wellbeing Practitioners, Educational Establishments, Progressive Organisations, Creatives and Good Guys. Our track record speaks for itself - take a look for yourself!

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The Four Qs of Effective Communication

We have developed a simple formula to a complicated problem... What do you say on your website, on your flyer, in your brochure, in your direct mail, in your press release or any other marketing communications? When we take your brief, we ask you our tried and tested 4Qs of Effective Communication: Q1) What do you want to say? (Message) Q2) Who do you want to say it to? (Audience) Q3) What do they want to hear? (Get this right and you get their business) Q4) What do you want them to do? (Call to action)

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Just one testimonial...

"Gareth changed my opinion of PR by delivering global media coverage that generated real business - so many customers came directly from an article he placed in a newspaper or magazine. He also helped secure, promote and manage our stakeholder partnerships with Microsoft, Sony, Packard Bell and The BBC. His efforts brought millions of pounds of measurable business for us and his Marketing & PR represents by far the best Return on Investment I have ever seen!" (Terry Brown, Former Sales & Marketing Director at Callserve)