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Quantum Communications is a full-service fully-integrated Marketing, PR, Communications & Events Consultancy and a dynamic Freelance Multimedia Agency producing interactive News, Photography, TV, Films, Books and much more.

We work with companies and organisations of all sorts and sizes, including multi-national corporations; international NGOs; national companies; local businesses and sole traders and we can tailor our activities bespoke to your relative needs and budget.


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Quantum Communications incorporates Campaign Promotions, a specialist team promoting SMCCs (Small & Medium-sized Charities), SSMEs (Sustainability-focused SMEs), SEs (Social Enterprises), Educational Establishments, Health & Wellbeing Organisations, Individual Therapists, Creatives and other good causes.


Gareth Strangemore-Jones

Quantum Communications and Campaign Promotions are both headed up by Gareth Strangemore-Jones, who offers a FREE CONSULTATION (worth £500).

Gareth will come and visit you and run through the unique, simple but highly effective formula he devised for as a result of his marketing experience, research and teaching at Cardiff University, Neath College and Brunel University:

The 4Qs of Effective Communications

Q) What do you want to say? (Your Message)

Q) Who do you want to say it to? (Your Audience)

Q) What do they want to hear? (A Prerequisite to Comprehension)

Q) What do you want them to do? (Your Call to Action)

Gareth would then create a fully integrated Marketing & Communication Plan with bespoke Services to deliver these goals effectively and assemble a highly effective and experienced team according to your brief – be it business-generating sales, awareness-raising, fundraising, web development or other communication need.


Just some of the brands, large and small, wise enough to choose Quantum Communications…




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