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Quantum Communications Portfolio

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Worldshift Media

* Marketing, PR, Communications & Events

* Commissioned design of new logo

* Website Design, Copy Writing & Development – see www.worldshiftmedia.com

WS2012 Front Cover* Managed the launch of the groundbreaking book, Worldshift 2012 at The British Museum on 9/9/9 with The Worldshift Declaration of Emergency and a routemap of activities towards a peaceful, sustainable future

* Stakeholder Relations with Co-founding organisations, including The Club of Budapest, WWF, IONS (The Institute of Noetic Sciences), The World Wisdom Council, Kosmos Magazine, Events4Change & Positive TV

* Admitted into The Club of Budapest (other members include HH The Dalai Lama, Dr Ervin Laszlo, Mikhail Gorbachev, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Peter Gabriel, Bianca Jagger, Paolo Coelho & many other global thinkers)

* Launched the Ecocide campaign with The Planet Earth Trust at COP15 (The United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen) and at Klimaforum ’09 (The People’s Alternative Climate Conference) in December, 2009

* Launched The Worldshift Alliance & The Worldshift Movement on 10/10/10

* Nominated “Intellligent Optimist of the Year” by ODE Magazine (2010)

* Founded Worldshift Media on 11/11/11 – made Chief Reporter & Group Managing Editor

* Produced Worldshift News, TV, Film, Books, Events and other Multimedia promoting The Worldshift Values of Common Unity, including Peace, Justice, Sustainability, Social Innovation & Conscious Evolution

* Toured The Worldshift Media & Creative Forum live music, dance, awareness and fundraising tent and multimedia activities to British Festivals including Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown Fair, Glade Festival, Sunrise Celebration, The Waveform Project, Babylon Festival, The Big Chill, Reading Festival, Croissant Neuf, Lovebox & The Hanging Gardens of Trinity (Bristol)

* Produced, directed & edited Worldshift Media’s films at events and festivals

* Created & promoted Worldshift Media’s Facebook Page (peaked in February 2012 with a Weekly Viral Global Audience of 1.3 million Facebook Users, with 496,336 clicking Like, Share or Comment)

* Founding Stakeholder Relations in the launch of The Shift Network, a global collaboration of change-focussed multimedia and event activity

* Coordinated Worldshift Media’s participation in Unify’s global broadcast on 21/12/12 helping it to reach more than 100 million internet viewers


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